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Good news folks!

Spring is finally here and we are only two weeks away from re-opening the brewery’s doors to the public. On Saturday, April 8 from 12 – 4 pm the brewery will have it’s first retail day and beer release of the year. Last June, we opened the brewery with a very narrow scope of operation – welcoming people to the farm and brewery, offering tours and selling bottles of our small batch beers to go. No growlers or on site consumption; tastings or otherwise. Throughout the year the number one question we received was whether that would eventually change. And we are extremely happy to announce, later this summer, it will.

Before it became our home and brewery, a family operated a small dairy farm on this property. When we first came to look at the property, the immediate vision was to convert the old dairy barn into our brewery. Unfortunately modern equipment requirements (and code) made it too costly to renovate and impractical to operate. The vision however, has never faded. While the old dairy barn may not be the place for steam boilers, glycol systems and the like it is a perfect fit for a barrel aging facility and modest tasting room.

One of the most satisfying experiences of living and working here is the ability to sit outside as the sun beams down on you and enjoy one the fruits of our labor with friends and family. This summer we will finally be able to share that experience with you. We will announce more of the plan and be sharing pictures of our progress as we get closer to the barn’s grand opening.

Until then, we will be opening as we did last year every Saturday from 12 – 4pm with farm tours at 11:30 am and 2 pm. For this first weekend we will be releasing the second batch of Second Nature, our farmhouse ale aged in wine barrels with cherries; as well as filling growlers of our freshest hoppy beers.

Here is the full list of what will be available for our opening day on April 8, 2017.

You can find out what beers will be available on any weekend by checking out the retail section on the main menu of our site.


Second Nature Cherry (batch 2) farmhouse ale aged in wine barrels with cherries 5.6% abv $12
Batch 100 bourbon-brandy barrel aged Gratzer 5.0% abv $10
Variant 4 brett dark strong ale soured on peaches aged in peach brandy barrels 8.0% abv $14
Fingerprint farmhouse ale aged in wine barrels with native yeast 5.4% abv $10
Tiny House 2016 mixed fermentation harvest ale 4.0% abv $8
Blueberry v Blackberry 2016 wild ale with berries 5.0% abv $8
Get More Likes imperial stout 8.0% abv $10
When Life Gives You Grape Must farmhouse ale fermented on grape skins 6.0% abv $8
The Hollow pilsner 5.0% abv $5
Maybe Both pale lager 7.0% abv $6
Dekkera brett table beer 4.0% abv $5
Equinox dry hopped farmhouse ale 4.8% abv $6
Second Cutting toasted hay porter 5.4% abv $5



6.2% ipa (azacca, amarillo, galaxy)

Are You Single? (Glacier) 

6% ipa brewed with glacier hops

750 ml $8 750 ml $8
1 L $9 1 L $9
2 L $16 2 L $16
32 oz $8 32 oz $8
64 oz $16 64 oz $16


Brewery Retail (Holiday Hours)

This week we will be having special retail hours at the brewery for the holiday weekend.  And the selection is headlined by this year’s first batch of Alternate World.

Friday July 1

2-6pm.  (farm tour at 130, 330 and 430)

Saturday July 2

10-3pm. (farm our at 930 and 130).




Alternate World | Dry hopped gose, 4.6% abv

$7 each

Ales for ALS | IPA brewed with Simcoe, Equinox, and 7 experimental hops, 6.8% abv

$6 each ($1 from each beer goes to fund


Field Beer Spelt | mixed fermentation farmhouse ale brewed with spelt, 5.2% abv

$6 each

cash and credit cards accepted.  

18 bottle limit per person per day.

Brewery Retail – Ales for ALS

9:30 am – Farm Tour

10:00 am – Brewery and farm store open

1:30 pm – Second Farm tour with Farmer John

3:00 pm – Brewery and Farm store close.


Here’s what’s available at the brewery this week:

Ales for ALS | 6.8% IPA brewed with a special blend of Simcoe, Equinox and 7 experimental hops.

500 ml, $6 each – one case limitIMG_3075

Field Beer Spelt | 5.2% mixed fermentation farmhouse ale

500 ml, $6 each – one case limit

Blueberry vs Blackberry | 5.0% wild ale with blueberries and blackberries

500 ml, $8 each – one case limit


18 bottle limit per person.  Cash and credit cards accepted.


It is officially the week of our grand opening!  We received an overwhelming response on our social media after we made the big announcement along with several questions about how the day will go, what will be for sale etc.  Some of this information has been said before, but is helpful to reiterate and some of it is brand new.  We are extremely excited and eager to finally open our doors and share our farm brewery with you, and want the day to go as smoothly as possible.

What time are things gong to get started?

Retail hours will be 11-5pm each Saturday but as part of the grand opening we want to do something for those that decide to make the trip out early and be here when we open.  Barry will lead a farm tour starting at 10:30 sharp which will end at the brewery for our official grand opening!  Once Farmer John is back from the farmers market and things are settled in there will be a second guided farm tour at 3pm.  If you plan on walking around the farm closed shoes are recommended.  And don’t forget your sunblock.  

10:30am – Guided farm tour leading into brewery opening

11:00 – Brewery and farm store open to the public for retail.

The brewery will only have bottled beer for sale, along with glassware and t shirts.  We will not be filling growlers, pouring samples or pints at this time.

3:00 – Farmer John will lead a second farm tour.

5:00pm – Brewery and farm store will close.


That’s cool and all, but what is that special release you mentioned in your last post?

Now that is a good question! And what we are all really here for right?  Our first brewery only release is an appropriate one.  Most breweries begin with retail and work their way toward distribution.  We did it in reverse order.  Most breweries would release a base barrel aged beer before they released a barrel aged beer with fruit.  We did it in a reverse order.  Most breweries would release a beer called “Nature” before they released a beer (two actually) called “Second Nature”.  We did it in the reverse order.  In any case, we are extremely excited to have Nature, a blend of farmhouse ales aged in white wine barrels for nearly one year with wild microbes added to each barrel headline our Grand Opening.  We will have a few other beers by its side.

Without any further delay, here’s what will be available!

Nature | 5.4% alc by vol.  Batch 1.  Blended farmhouse ale aged almost one year in white wine barrels.

$10 each, 4 bottle limitIMG_2923

Lime Zest Gose | 4.6% alc by vol.  Very legally speaking this beer has nothing to do with showers.  We’;re not even sure why we took that picture.

$8 each, one case (12) limit

IMG_6132 copy


Blueberry Vs Blackberry | 5.0% alc. by volume.  American wild ale brewed with blueberries and blackberries

$8 each, one case (12) limit


The battle continues.

Tiny House | 4.0% alc. by vol.  Mixed fermentation harvest ale brewed with Bacchus (now Hudson Valley Brewery)

$10 each, one case (12) limit


Batch 1 in bottles. Batch 2 growing in the yard.

There is an 18 bottle (one and a half case) limit per person per day according to State law.

Glassware and T shirts will also be available.

Credit Cards Accepted.  We even got a chip reader.  *fancy*


Hours of Operation

Saturday from, 11am – 5pm.

Guided farm tours at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm.

No sales will be made after 5pm.

Getting Here… I keep hearing something about dirt roads, what’s the deal?

Google Maps apparently apparently defaults our address to a secret unchangeable “most unpaved roads possible” route option.  That is, if it even takes you all the way here.  Very often if you are driving south/west on 202 it directs you through New Preston.  If you follow this route please avoid taking Gunn Hill Rd. as depicted here.  It is very steep, narrow, unpaved and not meant for much traffic.  

Continue past the stone church on New Preston Hill Rd or take Sawyer Hill Rd to Kent Hollow Rd and turn Right on Camps Rd.
Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.33.51 AM


The brewery and farm store are located at the top of our driveway.  We will have signage posted (and people helping to direct you) to available parking areas.  If you do not see a sign please do not park in that location unless directed otherwise (all you have to do is ask).  

Street parking is not allowed.

Farm Store.  

We have a diversified farm operation here at Camps Road Farm.  During the season we will sell pasture raised chicken (available individually or as part of a CSA) and pork available in quarter, half or whole shares (more info available on our website and at the store) available after the growing season.  We will also have a limited supply of 1 oz packages of whole cone Cascade hops from our 2015 harvest and vegetables from our garden for sale.

Someone will be in the farm store to answer any questions and help you with your purchase.  The farm store is located in the front room of the old dairy barn.  PLEASE be aware the the barn is under construction and is off limits

Please do not enter or walk around the construction site!


Some things to know while walking the farm.  

  • The farm is child friendly.
  • There are private residences on the farm.  If it is not the farm store or brewery (both have signage), please do not enter any buildings.
  • Please do not enter any animal enclosures. The white fences protecting our animals are electric.  Do not touch them!
  • As a diversified farm we have many small garden beds dispersed through the yard.  Walk around garden beds, not through or over them.

We’ll stop there before it begins to seems like you’re preparing to come visit a military base instead of a farm brewery… just trying to make sure nobody gets hurt, person, animal, or plant.  And that we avoid any issues by sharing as much information as possible with you.  We’ll all be here to answer any questions, so if there is something you want to see, are unsure of, or know more about please don’t hesitate to ask.  This should be a fun day for everyone involved, and that certainly includes you.  So there is only one thing left to say….

See you on Saturday!

Let’s do this.