Hop Harvest!

Every day the brewery and the farm work together to make this place go; sharing tractors and fork lifts, spent grain being brought out to the composting area, sensory tests in the hop yard, and sitting down for a beer with each other after a hard day’s work to maintain our sanity.  There is one day however, where the collaboration is celebrated, connection between farms and brewing, and the joy that we get out of doing this can be shared with whoever would like to come.  That day is our hop harvest festival!


                                                                        Pick me! Pick me!

So what happens at the hop harvest?

For starters, we pick hops.  We’ll be going down the rows, taking down the bines and bringing them over to picnic tables where all those in attendance are invited to help us pick hops.


Over the course of the day there will be live music, some beers being poured, and of course the main event (food wise) is a Camps Road Farm Raised pig roast! Along with some chickens and sides as well.


There will not be any formal tours but the entire staff will be on site, and there to answer questions and chat.

Don’t you brew a beer also?

YES.  Last year we brewed a collaboration with our friends Jason and Mike from Bacchus, this year they are on the verge of opening up Hudson Valley Brewery.  We’ll be brewing another mixed fermentation harvest ale.  What’s that mean?  Once the hops are picked and a bucket is filled it gets brought right into the brewery and thrown in the whirlpool.  At the end of the day we’ll have thrown in over a hundred pounds of hops and have almost 20 bbl of this year’s batch primed for fermentation.


Will there be bottle sales?

Yes.  While the brewery will be closed to the public, those who purchase a ticket will be able to purchase bottles at the end of the day.  No bottles will be available for on site consumption.

But that’s not it.  This year, in addition to our production bottles made available – those that purchase a ticket will be able buy a bottle of a limited farmhouse ale aged for a year in white wine barrels with wild microbes cultured from the farm.

I’m SOLD.  How do I buy a ticket?


General – $30 (hop harvest, food and drink)

VIP – $40 (hop harvest, food and drink + limited release)

We hope to see you there!

Ales For ALS

Each year, HopUnion and ALS.net come together and create a unique hop blend featuring both experimental and widely sought after hops.  This year’s blend is particularly interesting – featuring Simcoe and Equinox; two distinct hops we love to use in our brewery alongside seven experimental hops that we have never before had the opportunity to brew with.  The result is rather beautiful..  Once Hopunion has blended the hops, they are distributed to participating brewers who in exchange agree to donate $1 per pint sold.  Last year, we donated the money from our keg sales since we were not able to serve pints or sell bottles at our brewery.  This year, that changes.

On Saturday, June 25 we will release our first bottled IPA, this year’s batch of Ales for ALS.  To date, all of our clean IPAs have been draft only, and brewed in one of two dedicated 10 bbl tanks.  In order to bottle some of this beer we ramped up production and switched over to one of our 30 bbl tanks.  The last thing we wanted to do, even if it is for a good cause is begin bottling our IPAs and have to pull draft beer from the market as a result.


I first found out about the program when I was tagged on Facebook by an old friend who’s father has the disease.  While doing research online I found that we would be only the second participating brewery (after Willibrew) in the State of Connecticut.  A unique hop blend, a chance to raise money for charity, and call awareness to a dreadful disease while simply doing what we wake up every morning to do… brewing beer was a no brainer.  As it turns out, participation in the program is surprisingly simple and for any brewers reading this that have not yet inquired I cannot encourage you enough to reach out to the good folks at Ales for ALS through their website http://www.alesforals.com/ContactUs.aspx and see if its not too late.  Through participation last year, we found out that Connecticut has one of the highest rates of ALS in the country.  To see three additional Connecticut breweries, City Steam, Stony Creek, and Tidal River participating this year is tremendous and I hope it continues to gain steam each and every year.

This year we will be donating a $1 per bottle sold and the equivalent of each beer in every keg distributed.  We estimate that between the two we should raise nearly $6000, three times what we donated last year!  To raise the stakes even higher, we are sending donation boxes out to each account that share a little bit of this story and ask for your additional support to raise money to fight this disease.  Once all of the kegs have been tapped and the donation boxes collected, we’ll tally up the totals and a very special keg will be sent out to the bar that has collected the most donations.


If you can’t make it to the brewery for the bottle release or make it to a bar while our batch is on tap and the donation jars are out, you are certainly not excluded from participating!  All you need to do is click here and make a donation!  Otherwise, we hope you have as much fun drinking this and trying to get your favorite bar a special keg as we have had making it.

Here’s the list of participating accounts:

@ The Corner


Bar 140

Birch Hill Tavern

Blue Hound Cookery and Taproom

Camilles Pizza

CJ Sparrow

Community Table

Cover Two Sports Bar

Craft 260

Eli Cannons Tap Room

Elm St Oyster House

Greenwoods Grille and Ale House

Greers and Beers

Hoodoo Brown BBQ

J Timothy’s Taverne

Krust Pizza

Little Pub Ridgefield

Local Kitchen & Beer Bar – Norwalk

McLaddens Irish Pub – W Hartford

Mikro Beer Bar

Parrott Delaney Tavern

Plan B W Hartford

Prime 16 New Haven

Prime 16 Orange

Stone Hearth

The Cask Republic New Haven

The Cask Republic Stamford

The Half Door

The North House

The Olive Bar

Three Sheets

Westbrook Lobster Wallingford

Westbrook Lobster Clinton

Widow Browns Cafe

Willimantic Brewing Co

World of Beer W Hartford

World of Beer Stamford.


Let’s have a beer and do some goo.



The building inspector has left the building.  And guess what…

We passed inspection!


A piece of paper we have all been waiting a long, long time for.

No more septic systems or bathrooms to install.  No more driveways to widen, concrete pads to pour or parking spaces to paint.  No more zoning, building or health department approvals to be had.  It’s finally time to open our doors! (please keep reading – don’t jump in your cars just yet)


Grant likes to pose for headshot while Bruce and Matt getting the concrete poured for our new loading dock/handicap accessible parking area.


We can always count on Farmer John for enthusiasm about getting a project done right


Ready to go!

On June 11, you are officially invited to our GRAND OPENING!  And moving forward the brewery will be open during the warmer months on Saturdays from 11am-5pm for you to see the farm, brewery and purchase what beers we are releasing that weekend.  As mentioned in our previous post, we will continue to have beer at the New Milford Farmers Market (smaller quantities) and chicken available at the farm despite the simultaneous hours of operation.

We have a special bottle release planned for the grand opening, along with some other great beer but those announcements will come early next week along with some other important information to know before making your way out here.  The focus here is to simply share the good news, announce the big day, and say we finally did it!

This was no small task, and took a tremendous amount of effort and patience from many people in and outside of our company – so we would be nuts to not thank those involved for their help in making our vision a reality.  We are grateful to have worked with such talented professionals who we proudly call friends, and part of the Kent Falls Brewing family.  Let me tell you – if you ever find yourself opening a farm brewery to the public in a State where that’s not a thing, don’t hesitate to ask for a referral.  You won’t get any better than these guys:

Farmer John, can’t say enough about this guy. 

Bruce Osborne, legend in an excavator and marketing genius.


Stephen Lasar, architect

Champ Perotti, plumber

Chris Allen, civil engineer

Mark Lenz, electrician

Matt Yetman

Town of Kent Zoning and Planning Board, Building Dept.

Torrington Area Health District.

And of course all of our accounts for dealing with the ripple effects of changes to production and delivery schedule.

So mark your calendars and stay tuned… even more fun announcements soon!!


So long as we have been in business, the most frequent questions have been about when we will open to the public.  Over the past few months as we have been focusing on alleging work permits and schedules to open the brewery – our responses have become a bit more specific no longer saying “spring 2016” but mid-late May…  Unfortunately, the NW corner of Connecticut has looked like NW Washington recently and its rained every day for nearly two weeks putting a serious delay on our ability to finish the necessary site work to open our brewery.  With market season approaching we decided to kick the season off right and release Blueberry vs Blackberry at the New Milford Farmers Market.  And it was a huge success.


Serious thanks to all of you that braved the weather and came out to the market. Especially the early crowd!

The market is a very important place for us.  It’s where the ability to interact directly with so many of you has given us the opportunity to chat, answer questions, and allow many new faces to become familiar ones.  Within the next few weeks (or month) the brewery will open, but so long as we have our farmstead, we will continue to have beer at the market in some capacity.  Many of the other venders said you make their weekend and some went so far to say that we should have warned them there was such a crowd coming because they’d have brought you samples (hint, come back for some killer summer sausage from Happy Acres Farm)!  For that, we have an extra sense of gratitude.  You not only made our day, but you made our fellow farmers’ as well.

Look at how happy you made Farmer John!

Look at how happy you made Farmer John!

Over the next few weeks we’ll continue to debut new beers, some that will see distribution and some that may not at the market. We are always happy to answer questions about our operation, but I wanted to take this opportunity to share a bit of exactly what the on farm brewery experience will be like when we finally open.

A quick background.  Being on a farm creates many obstacles.  We run our farm and brewery off of the same well.  While our well provides us an abundant supply of beautiful brewing water, needs to be registered as a public water system with the State department of health for us to have commercial activity on farm.  Dig trenches, change well caps, install a reducer. Check. Check. Check.  Since the majority of the brewery staff lives on site, we received a waiver allowing us to use our personal bathrooms as “employee restrooms” and save on installing a septic system right off the bat.  To have customers come to the farm, a septic system had to be installed on the farm and a bathroom plumbed into the brewery.  CHECK! (We’re very excited about this one).


Bruce and Matt placing the septic tank alongside the brewery. It works!


We collaborated with the Grimms on Lightning Fields… and with Bruce on Septic Fields.

So what else could we possibly have to do?  Install a handicap parking space and widen our driveway to allow two way traffic.  And with a few days of uninterrupted sunshine coming our way Bruce is already back at work digging up the farm.  Soon we’ll be able to put an exact date on our grand opening, and finally open our doors for you to visit!


Back to work!

And to answer a lot of questions that have been coming at us about what the experience will be like when we finally do open, I thought I would share them with you here.  The experience will be similar to  farmer’s market…

  • pre packaged bottles available for sale
  • focused on special releases – brewery only bottled IPAs, barrel aged beers, small batch projects… (distributed brands available as well)
  • no growlers
  • no samples
  • no full pours
  • no on site consumption
  • farm store open on site

…only with a few improvements.

  • increased allotments (9 liter/18 bottle limit per person at the brewery vs 5 liter/10 bottle limit at the farmers market)
  • a wider selection of beer available
  • longer hours and eventually multiple retail days per week
  • self guided farm tours (walk through the hop yard, see animals…)
  • seeing the brewery, ability to ask us about our setup etc…

A lot of thought and consideration has been put into these decisions and why we think it will be best for us, and for your experience.  Our brewery is small and it is more than just a brewery.  It is our home.  We would rather a positive and more efficient limited experience that leaves us excited to reopen the following week, than taking on more than we can feasibly provide or jeopardizing the privacy and sanctity of “home” for those that live here.  Additionally, serving alcohol on a farm/in a rural area is a risky proposition.  Many of the roads, especially those beloved by Google Maps are windy, steep, and unpaved.  It does not take much for a single incident to create a tremendous liability.

It is nearly impossible not to be traveling a long distance to get to our farm, and the last thing we want is for anyone to be unhappy with their experience.  Starting off this way allows us to accommodate as many people as possible in hopes that you leave happier than you came, and want to return again soon.

As we get closer, we’ll share more details – best routes to get here, special requests for parking etc.  But until then, we are happy to field any questions you may have about the opening, how it will work, or anything else Kent Falls/Camps Road Farm related that you may have.  We are extremely excited about being able to invite you all to our brewery and farm, and hope that you are excited to visit.  In the mean time – we’re looking forward to seeing you at the next market or some of our upcoming events!