Our Beer

Our goal is to produce a wide variety of farmhouse beers as we like to drink them.  This is a master list of beers we have brewed and a link to a release announcement to learn more about it.

2016 – Dry Hopped Tart Saison with Brettanomyces and Oak | 5.2%

The first of our annual new year’s farmhouse ales, 2016 is a tart farmhouse ale dry hopped with Centennial and Chinook for a citrus forward beer.  Brettanomyces and oak are added prior to packaging to allow the beer to develop over the year to come.

Availability: Draft and Bottles

Field Beer – Tart Farmhouse Ale | 5.2%

Field Beer is our tribute to the eclectic historic farmhouse ales developed by farmers who had to utilize only those ingredients available to them. Each season, a different unmalted grain is integrated into the 100% locally-grown grain bill, alongside locally-grown hops, and then fermented with our house farmhouse culture. Half of the batch is briefly soured with our house lactobacillus culture to add a crisp, refreshing tartness underlying the yeasty funk.

Availbility: Draft and Bottles

Gardener’s Tale – Tart Mint Saison | 5.2%

The Gardener’s Tale is a tart saison, partially soured with our house lactobacillus culture, the first batch of which was infused with locally-grown chocolate mint and orange mint for subtle cooling herbal complexity.  The second batch featured spearmint and pineapple mint from another local farm.

Availability: Limited Draft and Bottles

Farmer’s Table – Dry-Hopped Farmhouse Table Beer | 3.8%

This dry-hopped farmhouse table beer is brewed to be both nuanced and drinkable. Fermented out to be extremely dry, this low ABV beer is refreshingly crisp and expressive. Dry-hopped with American Cascade, it offers a balanced citrusy complexity from both yeast and hops, and pairs well with food of all kinds.

Availability: Draft and Bottles

Table 2 – Brett Saison with Oak | 4.0%

Table 2 takes its foundation from Farmer’s Table, our farmhouse table beer, and adds a new layer of complexity with a secondary fermentation using Brettanomyces yeast and oak spirals. For such a small, delicate beer, nuance is the goal – a touch of oak adds structuring mouthfeel and subtle hints of vanilla and wood, while Brettanomyces allows the beer to age gracefully for the foreseeable future, drawing out touches of musty funk and over-ripe fruit over time.

Availability: Single batch.  Draft and Bottles

Waymaker – 100% Brett IPA | 5.6%

Waymaker leads you down the familiar IPA path, but soon diverges toward new horizons of green, vibrant flavor. A fermentation with undomesticated Brettanomyces yeast creates fruity, tropical flavors, delicately balanced with a subtle background of funk and juicy American (Centennial, Glacier and Chinook) hops to refresh in any season.

Availability: Draft only

Coffeemaker – Brett IPA with Coffee | 5.6% 

A collaboration with our friends at Irving Farm Coffee Roaster.  A blend of Waymaker and single origin coffee.  Big waves of tropical coffee and citrus notes on the nose lead you into a balanced and not bitter marriage between the coffee and brett to produce a unique balanced beer.

Availability: Limited draft only.

Sweatpants – Hoppy Pale Ale | 5.0%

Our first pale ale.  Hopped with Centennial, Chinook, and Glacier.  The same recipe as Waymaker, only fermented with a clean ale yeast.

Availability: Draft only 

Dekkera – Brett Table Beer | 4.0% 

Our interpretation of a rustic table beer fermented entirely with wild yeast.

Availability: Draft and Bottles

Juicemaker – 100% Brett with Mangos | 5.6%

Juicemaker takes the foundation of Waymaker, our Brett IPA, and infuses it with the tropical, rich flavor of mangos.

Availability: Limited draft only.

Alternate World – Dry-Hopped Gose | 4.6%

Bleeding across the dimensional constraints of multiple style boundaries, Alternate World fuses the structure of an Old World gose with the aromatics of the modern New World hoppy ale. Brewed with sea salt, soured with our house lactobacillus culture, and fermented with our house Brettanomyces culture, Alternate World is finally saturated with Falconer’s Flight, Centennial and Cascade dry-hops, creating a delicious harmony of other-worldly funky citrus.

Availabilility: Draft and Bottles

Honey Gose | 4.6%

Sour ale brewed with salt, oats, and 90 lb of fall honey sourced from Beavertide Bee Farm in Falls Village, CT and Hannan Farm in Southbury, CT.

Availabilility: Draft and Bottles

Equinox – Dry Hopped Farmhouse Ale | 4.8% 

Brewed on the equinox, only it’s namesake hops are used in the whirlpool and dry hop.

Availabilility: Draft and Bottles

Solstice – Dry Hopped Farmhouse Ale | 4.8%

Brewed on the winter solstice, Comet and Apollo are used in this farmhouse ale.

Availabilility: Draft and Bottles

Anachronism – Grätzer/Grodziskie | 5.0%

A German/Polish style brewed with oak smoked wheat, fermented with our farmhouse yeast culture to provide a subtle and delicate smoke complemented by the earthy and piney dry hopping with German Tettnang.

Availability: Draft and Bottles

Common Table Beer – Low ABV Porter | 4.0%

A table porter, brewed with dark english malts to create a flavorful beer reminiscent of dark stone fruit and coffee but not overpower the palette with body and bitterness.

Availability: Draft and Bottles (yet to be released)

Walking Away In Slow Motion as the Car Explodes Behind You – Imperial Fruited Gose | 7.0%                 

This imperialized gose takes a base of salty sour wheat beer and layers upon it subtle notes of mango and zested limes. A dry-hopping session with Nelson Sauvin hops post-fermentation adds to the haze of tropical flavors for yet another level of aromatic depth.

Availability: Limited draft only.

Infinite Worlds – Fruited Gose | 4.8%

This gose takes a base of salty sour wheat beer and adds various combinations of fruit that would taste really good in such a beer, creating a beer that tastes really good.

Availability: Limited draft only.

When Life Gives You Grapefruits | 5.4%

Farmhouse ale aged in wine barrels with grapefruit juice and zest.  100% CT grown.  Notes of grapefruit oil on the nose, farmhouse funk on the front and a soft rind like finish.

Availability: Very limited draft and bottles.

Prochronism – Brett Dark Strong Ale | 8%

A blend of 100% brett dark strong ale aged in bourbon barrels.

Availability:  Limited draft and bottles (not yet released)

Awkward Hug – IPA | 6.8%

Our first IPA.  Brewed with Azacca, Citra and Centennial.

Availability: Single batch.  Draft only.

Ales for ALS – IPA | 6.8% 

IPA brewed with the unique annual release of the Ales for ALS hop blend.  Featuring Equinox, Mosaic and five experimental hops.

Availability: Single batch.  Draft only.

Super Sparkle – IPA | 6.0%

This beer sparkles with the vibrant flavors of Simcoe, Centennial, and Mosaic hops.

Availability: Single batch. Draft only.

Some Zep on the Jukebox – IPA | 6.2%

Chinook and Centennial

Availability: Single batch. Draft only.

Some Vague Reassurance That Everything’s Going to Be Alright – IPA | 6.2%

Our first single hop IPA.  But we’re keeping it a mystery for now….

Availability: Single batch. Draft only.

Glitter Rainbow – IPA | 6.0%

Galaxy. Citra. Mosaic.

Availability: Single batch. Draft only.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ – IPA | 6.2%

Amarillo. Azacca. Galaxy.

Availability: Single batch. Draft only.

No Funny Stuff – IPA | 7.0% 

All Centennial hops.

Availability: Draft only.

Are You Single? (Azacca) – IPA | 6.0%

All Azacca hops.

Availability: Draft only

Napkins – IPA | 7.2%

Simco, Amarillo, Citra.

Availability: Draft only

Maybe Both? – Hoppy Hybrid | 7.0%

IPA with clean ale yeast fermented at lager temperatures, hopped with Citra.

Availability: Draft only.