Our Practices

Farming and brewing are two extremely energy intensive operations, and while we act as different businesses our aim is to integrate a cycle of turning one’s output into the other’s input to maximize efficiency and sustainability.  On more complex levels, we have worked with a team of engineers, state  health, and environmental agencies in order to develop a wastewater treatment program that will help fertilize grassland around the farm for future crop growth and set up solar hot water systems that will eliminate fuel usage to preheat all of our mash water.

To be sustainable, you cannot rely solely on the practices you put in place within your operation, but you need to work with partners that are sustainable as well.  Our goal is to know all of the producers of our ingredients so we can work with those that share our beliefs of community, sustainable agriculture, and proper land stewardship, to create the highest quality of ingredients for as long as we operate.  That is the beginning of a great beer.