Sparkle On

What can you do when you’re supposed to can the entire batch of a new IPA and you receive a phone call two nights before saying, “I’m sorry there are no cans.”  The only thing you can (ugh)…

Keep calm (keg it up) and sparkle on.

And debut it at CT Hops For Hope.

Super Sparkle Cropped

Here’s a few facts about our latest IPA, Super Sparkle.

0% Aluminum

6% ABV

100% Sparkle


So if you want to find yourself some of this sparkling hop juice; here are the places to do it:

@ The Corner, Litchfield

Backstage, Torrington

Birch Hill Tavern, Glastonbury

Camille’s Pizza, Tolland

Cask Republic, New Haven

Christy’s Irish Pub, New Haven

Craft 260, Fairfield

Dew Drop Inn, Derby

Eli Cannon’s Tap Room, Middletown

Greenwood’s Grille and Ale House, Bethel

Mcladdens Irish Publick House, Simsbury

Mcladdens Irish Publick House, West Hartford

Mikro Beer Bar, Hamden

Parrot Delaney Tavern, New Hartford

Plan B, Glastonbury

Plan B, Milford

Prime 16, New Haven

Prime 16, Orange

The Corner Tavern, Naugatuck

The Gingerman, Greenwich

The Half Door, West Hartford

The Main Pub, Manchester

The Meetinghouse Pub, Bethel

Walrus + Carpenter, Fairfield

Westbrook Lobster, Wallingford

Widow Brown’s Cafe, Danbury

White Horse Country Pub, New Preston



Normally, when we announce a new beer we take a nicely staged photograph (it’s true, the beer does not pour itself on our quaint stone wall looking out onto the pasture). However when I drove up to Marble Valley Farm to give Megan a couple of bottles of the beer we collaborated on; the juxtaposition between our approach to incorporating herbs and spices in beer and our (probably just “the”) approach to farming was in such perfect harmony that I literally ran to my car for a camera and had to capture the moment.  And then we just started to have some fun with it.

Something told me a couple of Gardeners Tales would be mighty welcome in this heat

As I approached Megan and Larissa something told me a couple of Gardeners Tales would be mighty welcome in this heat

The way we see it, when herbs and spices are used in a beer it must be done with subtleness and balance because of their nature to overpower and impart such strong character.  We want you to recognize that there are deeper elements to the flavors and sensations brought about by a sip of an herb or spiced beer, but not immediately be able to identify or be overwhelmed by an individual flavor.  To do so, we introduce the herbs in delicate increments until we find a balance and character that we are happy it.  Farming on the other hand, is something you cannot dance around.  If you want the potatoes, you have to dig up the dirt to get them.  If you want to sell eggs at the farmers market, you better be prepared to go in the coop and reach into each nesting box.  There’s really no other way to do it.


Knew it!

 This first batch of Gardeners Tale is a modest adaptation of the Mint Saison which we recently released in very small. Way back when we were first starting to brew six months ago we sat down with Megan and talked about some different ideas for herbs to incorporate into our brewing.  Among them, mint became one of the most fascinating.  One of the largest plant families around, the options seemed endless.  So we picked a few fancy varieties and Megan got started on growing them.  A few months later we spent an afternoon in her greenhouse making tinctures by blending different varieties of mint and other herbs into our tart saison base beer.  Among the crowd, the chocolate and orange mint stood out as the clear cut winners.  So we made our plan to grow and harvest enough to make a few small batches of our beer.

And we could not be happier with the end result.  The tart character of the beer and the cooling sensation of the mint meld together to create a subtle and almost confusingly pleasant drinking experiences not sour and not overpoweringly minty.  Just refreshing.



So do like us farmers and brewers, and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty in some well thought out project this weekend.


There are no flowers or potatoes in this beer.


Here’s the shops where you will be able to find bottles of Gardeners Tale this weekend.

Amity Wine & Spirit Co., New Haven

Ancona’s Wine & Liquors, Ridgefield

BevMax, New Milford

Bottle Stop, Newtown

Bottle Stop, Torrington

Carluzzi’s Nutmeg Discount Liquor, Bethel

County Wine and Spirits, New Preston

Craft Beer Cellar, West Hartford

CT Beverage Mart, Wallingford

Greenwich Wine & Spirit, Greenwich

Harry’s Wine and Liquor, Fairfield

Harvest Country Store, West Hartford

Harvest Wine and Spirit, West Hartford

Kent Wine & Spirit, Kent

M & R Liquors, Farmington

M & R Liquors, Glastonbury

M & R Liquors, South Windsor

Maximum Beverage, West Hartford

Nejaimes Wine & Spirit, Watertown

New Milford Spirit Shoppe, New Milford

Putnam Plaza Super Liquors, East Hartford

The Wise Old Dog, West Hartford

Warehouse Wine and Liquors, Southbury

More Table

Once a beer has been on the market we usually do not make an announcement regarding a “release” but there are some exciting things surrounding this new batch of Farmer’s Table.  As we mentioned the first time around, the design of this beer from recipe to label comes from a place very true to home.  When it was first released in May, we discussed the idea of how harvests and a daily bounty being brought in from the fields should come together with this sessionable farmhouse beer to be the sustenance behind lengthy community gatherings.

As the end of summer approaches we get to actually celebrate this fresh batch of Farmer’s Table exactly as it is meant to be.  As the long days of summer get a bit shorter each passing day, our farm store is stacked more plentifully with fresh heirloom tomatoes, onions, potatoes, kale, pasture raised chicken and eggs from our fields.  At the same time, the cool summer evenings are the perfect setting to take a break from work in the brewery or the farm and join together for a family meal together.

And look at those hops! Growing more than 18 ft up the bine, they’ll be ready for picking and use in a special fresh hop farmhouse ale we’re brewing alongside the harvest.  Which brings me to a very special side announcement.  On September 5th, we will be hosting our 2nd Annual Hop Harvest Festival, and the first year in which we will be able to offer a pig roast (raised on our farm) and more importantly… our beer!  [tickets available @]   We’ll be bringing out the picking tables for people of all ages to take part and foster exactly the type of community event, and day long conversation we had in mind with this beer from the start.

Look at that label come to life!  (we're still working on the goat)

Look at that label come to life! (we’re still working on the goat)

This batch features a slightly different dry hop character from the addition of Centennial to the Cascades used in the first two batches, for even deeper and prominent citrus notes on the finish.

Here is a list of shops where you will be able to find the bottles by day’s end.

Amity Wine & Spirit Co., New Haven

BevMax, New Milford

Bottle Stop, Newtown

Bottle Stop, Torrington

Kent Wine & Spirit, Kent

Caraluzzi’s Nutmeg Discount Liquors,

Coastal Wine and Spirit, Branford

County Wine & Spirit, New Preston

Craft Beer Cellar, West Hartford

CT Beverage Mart, Wallingford

Greenwich Wine & Spirit, Greenwich

Harry’s Wine & Liquor, Fairfield

Harvest Country Store, West Hartford

Harvest Wine & Spirit, West Hartford

Lakeville Wine and Spirit, Lakeville

Ledgebrook Spirit Shop, Winsted

Loading Dock Wine & Spirit, Milford

M& R Liquors, Glastonbury

M& R Liquors, Avon

M& R Liquors, South Windsor

M& R Liquors, Manchester

M& R Liquors, Farmington

Nejaimes Wine & Spirits, Watertown

Ninety 9 Bottles, Norwalk

Ninety 9 Bottles, Trumbull (Congrats on opening!)

Ninety 9 Bottles, Westport

Nutmeg Fine Wine & Spirits, Waterbury

Putnam Plaza Super Liquors, East Hartford

Tony’s Package Store, Haddam

Village Wine Cellar, Litchfield

Warehouse Wine & Liquor, Danbury

Warehouse Wine & Liquor, Southbury

Field Beer Wheat

As summer winds down and the night become cooler, we find no more perfect time of the year to release the bottles of our latest version of Field Beer, brewed with wheat from our friend Don Lewis at the Wild Hive Grain Project in Clinton Corners, NY.  The release of this batch not only marks the completion of our third “season” of the Field Beer series, but comes at a point in which we are celebrating a half year since confusing you with brewing our inaugural batch, the original Field Beer with Oats.

In thinking about where we are now and how this batch is different from the Field Beer versions to come before it, there are countless things we could look back on aside from the character brought to this batch by incorporating wheat.  But we’ll keep it simple and to the point.  This batch not only uses 100% CT grown malted barley, but 100% CT grown hops as well.  In fact, all of the hops used in this batch were picked on our farm at last year’s hop harvest festival [note: for more info on this year’s hop harvest festival and pig roast go to our farm’s website,].  

As for the beer?  Wheat gives our tart saison a distinct brightness among the variations of Field Beer, accentuating the floral and fruity esters that exist within our blend of farmhouse yeast strains.  Coupled with a dry, pleasing acidity it creates a distinctly expressive farmhouse ale that can carry you as comfortably through the summer sun as cool evening breeze. Campfires recommended.


By the end of the day (August 14th, 2015), all of the cases of Field Beer Wheat will have been delivered to the following stores throughout the state:

Amity Wine & Spirit Co., Hamden

Bantam Market, Bantam

BevMax, New Milford

Bottle Stop, Torrington

Bottle Stop, Newtown

Capitol Spirits, Hartford

Classic Liquors, New Milford

CT Beverage Mart, Wallingford

Coastal Wine & Spirit, Branford

Craft Beer Cellar, West Hartford

County Wine & Spirit, New Preston

Greenwich Wine & Spirit, Greenwich

Harry’s Wine & Liquor, Fairfield

Ledgebrook Spirit Shop, Winsted

Litchfield Hills Wine Market, Litchfield

Loading Dock Wine and Spirits, Milford

Kent Wine and Spirit, Kent

Maximum Beverage, Farmington

Maximum Beverage, West Hartford

Nejaime’s Wine and Spirits, Watertown

New Milford Spirit Shoppe, New Milford

Nutmeg Fine Wine and Spirits, Waterbury

Putnam Plaza Super Liquors, East Hartford

Sharon Package Store, Sharon

The Wise Old Dog, West Hartford

Village Wine Cellar, Litchfield

Warehouse Wine & Liquor, Southbury

Warehouse Wine & Liquor, Danbury (Mill Plain Rd)