Two New Beers!

We are insanely proud to announce the addition of two new beers into the CT landscape!  Over the past two months we have brewed five different batches of beer, and some of them are really testing out the old “good thing comes to those that wait” model.  These next beers should be a fiiiine accompaniment to the seasonal change as it hits full swing and we welcome the oncoming glorious weather, new grass greening the landscapes around us, and days of summer ahead.

So get ready, because there is a lot of action popping off the farm in the next few weeks and we hope you are gearing up to join us every step of the way!

Beer Release Flyer At the Corner ver 1b

On April 30 we will at long last be releasing the second official batch of beer that we brewed with a tapping @The Corner in Litchfield from 6 pm on.  Waymaker, our 100% brett fermented IPA is finally ready!  Yeast can be a finicky organism, especially “untamed” wild varieties.  This batch took several days to start fermenting and once it finally began to do it’s thing (not without some gentle encouraging talks), the path was anything but traditional.  Fitting for this beer!  It is bursting with tropical and hoppy flavors that we think you will love.  We are unbelievably pleased with the results and are proud to have it be our first IPA and a steady part of our production.

Beer Release Flyer Kingsley Tavern ver 1b

If that wasn’t exciting enough, we’ll be releasing another beer the very next night  at Kingsley Tavern in Kent!  Farmer’s Table is our dry hopped table beer, another take on “traditional” farmhouse ales.  Whereas Field Beer has a refreshingly tart character to balance the spicy and aromatic notes from our house yeast strain, this beer offers a snappy bitterness from ample use of american hops to create a layered beer that will cleanse any pallet, and is suitable for a session or single serving with a meal!

Shortly after, we’ll be releasing our second season of Field Beer – Spring!  But more on that later.

You’ll be able to catch us at several other events coming up.

Here’s a short list… We’ll soon be adding a calendar to the website so you can keep track of any events we may be involved in much more easily!

Thursday April 23 – Tasting at Craft Beer Cellar in West Hartford (5-730 pm)

Friday April 24 – Tasting at Classic Liquors in New Milford (4-7 pm)

Thursday April 30 – Waymaker Release @The Corner in Litchfield (6 pm)

Tuesday May 19 – Meet the Brewers at Eli Cannon’s in Middletown (6 pm)

Friday May 29 – Southbury Land Trust Wine/Beer Tasting in Southbury (5-730 pm)

So don’t be a stranger, come out and celebrate winter finally breaking with new beers from our brewery!  For more info on each beer, click on the name, will shoot you over to the proper “Our Beer” page.

More Bottles

The first batch of Field Beer went really quickly, especially the bottles.  All 32 cases that we packaged were on shelves of local bottle shops within two days!  Since we have built our own bottling system, we fill, cap, clean, and label each bottle by hand.  It’s a process we love to do, but it takes a tremendous amount of time, energy, and more people than we currently employ to do at larger scales.  However, each time we use the bottling rig, we make small improvements to the process and the equipment itself that will enable us to release more bottles with each batch.  Already on our second batch we have doubled the number of cases we produced and expanded the area in which we are selling them.  We hope to continue this trend and have bottles available wherever they are wanted.


Field Beer Batch 2 is on it’s way to a shelf near you! Our old farmhouse stays here.

This Friday, we will release the second batch of Field Beer in bottles. Some stores may have both bottles on their shelves, some may only have received one or the other.  Each bottle is labeled so that you can determine which batch you are drinking.

Moving forward we’ll announce the stores that have reserved cases so you can know where to go in a more organized and relaxed manner right off the bat.

Field Beer – Batch 2 Bottle Shop Deliveries

Kent Wine & Spirits – Kent (pouring samples Friday April 17, 4 – 6:30 pm)

Nejaimes Wine & Spirits – New Milford, Watertown

New Milford Spirit Shop – New Milford

Classic Spirits, New Milford (pouring samples Friday April 24, 4 – 6:30 pm)

County Wine and Spirits – New Preston

Craft Beer Cellar – West Hartford (pouring samples Thursday April 23, 5 – 7 pm)

Warehouse Wines & Liquor – Danbury (Newtown Rd + Mill Plain Rd), Southbury

Nutmeg Fine Wines and Spirits – Waterbury

Ledgebrook Spirit Shoppe – Winsted

These bottles will be released on Friday, April 17.  We have updated the map ahead of time.

Enjoy the beer!

Batch 2

It’s been less than a month since we announced our first beer hitting the market and things have been moving at lightning speed ever since.  After putting 16 bbl of beer into wine barrels as the start of our cellaring program, we packaged a little more than 15 bbl of beer (1 bbl = 31 us gal).  Most of the beer went into kegs and has been distributed to bars and restaurants located around the state (don’t forget to check our map!)

Before I get into the actual announcement and tell you why we are so excited about our second batch of beer, let me say that it has been great to make it to the establishments that I would otherwise not have the time to visit.  As a rural business, it is hard to peel away and drive long distances so to have the ability to sit and have lunch at a bar with so many great CT breweries on tap that otherwise don’t distribute to my neck of the woods is just plain cool and makes us all the more proud to be in the community.

On to the beer!

Embracing the history of farmhouse brewing means many things.  I’ll save the farm and local politics for conversations at a bar or when people ask if we can sell beer at farmers markets, and go directly to the biggest reason.  We want to take those flavor profiles, brewing techniques, “styles” and bring them to new places.  Particularly CT.

In thinking about our first farmhouse ale, Field Beer, we wanted to do do something distinctly local and unique.  Going full bore and brewing a 30 bbl batch of beer on our “first day” is a daring proposition, but we were so happy with the results we decided to take Field Beer a step further and add a bit of complexity to it that we find makes it an even better beer.



Derek prepares to add our house souring culture.

Big beautiful clouds on top of the wort signal souring cultures at work

Big beautiful clouds on top of the wort signal souring cultures at work

SO.  We introduced our house souring culture to the brewing process in order to produce a distinct yet approachable tartness and mild acidity, similar to the character that traditional farmhouse ales developed, which enhanced their drinkability as excellent field beers for workers.

Thank you Valley Malt for the glass!

Thank you Valley Malt for the glass… and malt!

Most other characteristics of the beer will remain the same, certainly the ABV and dryness.

The bottles from the first batch (approximately 30 cases in total) flew out of our cold room and off of the local bottle shops’ shelves so we have continued to make improvements to our bottling rig so that we can increase our packaging ability.  In the next two weeks you can expect to see bottles of batch 2 on the shelves in greater quantity.  Stay tuned and in the mean time, you can seek out the batch on draft by checking our map.